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Traffic Slam 3

screenshot of Traffic Slam 3 game

There aren’t any quantity of driving lessons that can possible prepare you for the wanton wrath and unreasonable amount of destruction that comes as standard in A Games Traffic Slam 3. As a car crash game that goes beyond the scope of any that I have ever played, this one takes the term fender bender to a whole new level. Lead a car rigged with explosives through an urban environment and try to cause as much destruction as you can before letting the timer run down or simply triggering the explosives yourself. No matter what your strategy, the outcome is the same: pure, unadulterated destruction to a degree rarely seen in a browser-based game.

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Lose the Heat

screenshot of Lose the Heat game

It must be difficult trying to abide by the law, at least it is if you’re the driver in a town where lots of unfortunate people hang out at the same bar and ask you to complete remarkably similar driving missions for them. Lose the Heat is of course a high-speed driving game where the police are always in hot pursuit and your driving skills must be top notch in order to complete your driving missions successfully. Avoiding damage, drifting around corners, and generally creating some havoc on the roads is what you should expect from this game, as well as a few power-ups and slow-motion, multi-angle camera shots of dramatic moments. 

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Earn to Die 3

There are no two ways about it: Earn to Die is a highly-entertaining series of games with some pretty impressive features and some satisfying upgrades. Distance-based games have actually always been a weakness of mine, with Nuclear Outrun still holding the top spot in my head as it has done for a long time, and Earn to Die being somewhere just above the level of having potential but not fully realising it. The original Earn to Die was a very fun game but lacking in any true variety between the levels, and the upgrade improvements in Earn to Die 2012 were sufficient to make it a better sequel but it’s a shame that this game was just a preview for the app version. It stands to reason that Earn to Die 3 should be a “third time lucky” kind of game, but in order to do so it must break away from the pattern of incremental improvements and make some actual changes to the gameplay where it counts. Here are just a few ideas that occasionally spin around in my head when playing the previous two titles, with view to musing about improvements and additions required in Earn to Die 3 to make it a game worth playing. 

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